LINC Chic Leads the Fashion Trend of Down Jacket

Looking back on the development history of down jacket, since the first down jacket was born in 1812, bulkiness and dwarfness have become synonyms of down jacket. As we all know, the traditional down jacket will lose its aesthetic feeling in the process of wearing because of the design and filling of the warm material. But through the design and optimization of the down jacket pattern, LINCChic Jin Yujie can make the down jacket fit the personal body curve to a greater extent and reduce the bloated image of the upper and rear of the down jacket. In addition to the close-fitting type, consumers can choose relatively loose type. LINC Chic Jin Yujie innovatively uses loose version down jacket to cover up slightly defective figure, help consumers cover up the weakness of the body, and use loose version down jacket to highlight fashion and sexuality.

In addition to adopting more scientific and rigorous layout design, LINC Chic Jin Yujie also uses the best filler in order to pursue the extreme thermal performance of down garments. Research shows that the thermal insulation of down clothing mostly comes from its fillers. Compared with common fillers, LINC Chic Jin Yujie chooses high-grade grey duck down as filler. In some high-end down clothing products, goose down with better thermal insulation performance will be chosen as filler. Not only that, LINC Chic Jin Yujie knows that consumers in different regions have different requirements for the cold resistance of down clothes, so he pays special attention to the filler content of down clothes. According to the product details page of Tiancat flagship store of LINC Chic Jinyujie, the filling capacity of LINC Chic Jinyujie down jacket is generally more than 80%, in which the content of feathers is 20%, the content of down is 80%, basically able to achieve the organic unity of fluffy degree and warmth retention.

As a domestic down jacket brand which has been devoted to fashion industry and its fashionable down jacket design, LINC Chic Jin Yujie also selected the best among many famous fabric suppliers from all over the world to meet the fashion requirements of Asian women for down jacket, and selected the most fashionable fabrics, such as dazzling paint, classic twill, etc., to bring first-class air permeability and excellent wind resistance to consumers. A single item of down jacket. At the same time, in order to satisfy different consumers’pursuit of fashion, LINC Chic Jinyujie has also introduced a variety of color styles of down jackets, such as bright red, mysterious high-profile purple, orange, which highlights passion and vitality. A variety of color matching options allow consumers to add a brilliant fashion color in the cold and monotonous winter, and also become a unique personality of LINC Chic Jinyujie. One of the chemical labels.

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