NICKIE Down Jackets for Children

NICKIE children’s wear designers go to the UK every year to exchange and study, to participate in fashion week, to understand the current trend elements, so that it can be combined with children’s wear. For example, NICKIE children’s clothes of Sargassum blue down jacket, which uses the “fall and winter of 2018 popular color” in the Sargassum blue, quiet and gorgeous, showing a low-key high-level beauty, at the same time, it added red, white and black vertical stripe pattern at the zipper, can visually play a role in elongating height ratio, showing a thin effect.

For example, NICKIE children’s wear of this new black down jacket, inspired by the popular winter tooling elements this year, combines the hard outline of tooling style and the warm texture of feathers, does not show bulky, there is also a handsome and casual flavor, fashion boom.

In addition to the design can make people see, NICKIE children’s clothing in the quality of down jackets, but also made great efforts. The feathers are selected from the most soft and fluffy part of the abdomen of healthy white ducks. The content of the feathers is up to 90%, and the heat preservation performance is excellent. NICKIE children’s clothes also use advanced technology to lock these down from multiple angles, so that the down science is distributed in the inside of the clothes, collars, cuffs and other places, not running down, not drilling down, so that the temperature is more uniform.

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