What’s the difference between cold-proof clothes and down jackets?

Which is warmer, a cold-proof suit or a down suit? There is no essential difference between cold-proof clothes and feathers in the principle of warmth preservation. The same is the use of air as a bad conductor of heat to store air, so as to achieve the effect of heat insulation and warmth preservation. Although the artificial material structure filled in the cold-proof clothes is different, they are all using the same principle of down, that is, to construct a sufficiently supportive and fluffy air storage space.

It should be said that although the principle of cold-proof clothes is similar to down clothes, they are not imitations of down. The birth of cold-proof clothes is due to the natural defects of down, and these defects, cold-proof clothes are completely absent. It can be said that although the purpose of both is to keep warm, but the cold-proof clothes and down clothes are actually complementary relationship.

The filler of cold-proof clothes is not necessarily down, or polyester, etc. The filler of down clothes is only down. Of course, down clothes are warmer. Down is the best natural material for human warmth so far. After washing, drying and grading, it is made into down. Compared with man-made materials, down has three times the heat preservation capacity of ordinary man-made materials. And it’s light to wear, but it’s a little expensive.

Because the temperature is different in every area, it is unreasonable to buy too thick or too thin clothes. Generally, down jackets are warmer, lighter and easier to handle than cold jackets. Therefore, it is suggested that the beautiful eyebrows in the area where they are very cold should not be entangled, and the down jacket is the choice. And the cold-proof clothes are relatively fashionable, handsome, with a variety of necks is infinite amorous feelings, so as long as you are in the relatively mild climate of the south, you can choose a cold-proof clothes you want.

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