Tips on selection of a fashionable down jacket in autumn and winter

Winter wear a lot of items, it is easy to appear heavy and bulky, so when buying down clothes, remember not to choose too fit style, can use loose money to create a mistaken effect, clearly wear a lot, but it is very thin, such wear is fashionable, the popular A-shaped oversized down clothes are very good. It is also recommended to choose a down suit with wide stitches, which looks looser visually than those with fine stitches. If you don’t like the feeling of emptiness, you might as well tie a belt on the outside of the down jacket and immediately raise the waistline to make your shape better.

Although loose down jackets are easy to create a wrong slim effect, but if not well-dressed will also show fat, so we must bear in mind the matching principle of wide and narrow. The down jacket on the upper body is loose enough. In the choice of the lower jacket, it is suggested to choose shorts, skirts or tights to match, revealing slender legs, which looks very long, and the visual effect is quite good.

This autumn and winter popular animal patterns, bright colors are also popular focus, may as well choose a color bold jump-off down clothes, such as bright yellow or light purple, so bright down clothes on the body, easily break the winter dull feeling, but also very fashionable yo ~ However, since the down clothes color and bright enough, the inside should try to choose black, white and grey as the basic color sheet. The product will not make a noise.

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