How should we wash down jackets?

In the inside of down clothes, there is a small label with maintenance and washing instructions sewn. Careful people will find that 90% of down clothes are marked to be hand washed, and do not dry cleaned, because the medicinal water used for dry cleaning will affect the warmth retention and aging of cloth. Machine washing and drying, the down jacket after being screwed and stirred, easily lead to uneven filler thickness, make clothes out of shape, affect the beauty and warmth.

First, the down clothes were immersed in cold water for 20 minutes, so that the inside and outside of the down clothes were fully wetted. Dissolve detergent in 30 degree warm water, then soak down clothes in it for 15 minutes, then gently brush with a soft brush. Rinse also need warm water, can help the detergent fully dissolved in water, can make down clothes rinse cleaner.

If you have to wash down clothes with detergent, it is usually advisable to put 4 to 5 tbsp detergent in two basins of water. If the concentration is too high, it is difficult to rinse out. The residual detergent in down will affect the fluffy degree of down and greatly reduce the warmth retention.

Neutral detergent is the least harmful to clothing and down. If alkaline detergent is used, the residual detergent will cause damage to down clothes, and it is easy to leave white marks on the surface of the clothes, which will affect the beauty of the clothes. Removal of residual alkaline detergent, can be rinsed twice, add two spoons of vinegar in warm water, down clothes soaked for a while before rinsing, vinegar can neutralize alkaline detergent.

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